Catching up

Haven’t had a chance to post anything in the last few days…so here’s what I’ve been up to:

Thursday (11/12):
75 minutes on the bike
15 minute warm-up followed by 5 min. of hills, then 5 min. of fast flats
Repeat the 5×5 five times
10 minute cool-down
Tried to keep HR in zone 3 during the entire 50 minute ride; jumped into zone 4 on the last flat.
20 minutes of weights (shoulders, traps)

3 mile fartlek run
Increased my speed every 4 minutes for 20 seconds…accomplished this by increasing cadence from 29-30 foot strikes per 20 seconds to 32-33 strikes.
Total time was 22:11 (7:23 min./mile pace)
HR stayed in the high 160’s (zone 3), moving into zone 4 (173 bpm) during the 20 seconds sprints.

I also used my “Run Keeper” app on my new iPhone for the first time…pretty cool! More on this tomorrow.

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