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So I’m really glad that I didn’t buy a $400 watch that has GPS capabilities. If I knew that I could get all the same data (distance, current pace, overall pace, elevation, time) through a free iPhone Application, I would have bought the phone months ago.

I downloaded “RunKeeper” an used it for the first time yesterday morning on my run. I started it right after I started my watch and stopped it right before I ended my run. Here’s what the screen looks like while you are running:

Gives you your current speed and pace, as well as you overall distance and time. I didn’t look at the screen while I was running because it was in my pocket. I was happy with the application, but once I saw what info was available on the RunKeeper website after I uploaded my run, I was ecstatic. Here’s a screen shot of the website:

It shows your route on a map with mile markers, a chart with your split times and paces for each mile, and my favorite part…a graph showing the elevation changes of your route as well as your speed during the entire run. This is really cool stuff and I’m excited to use this on longer runs and bike rides.

The technology relies on the phone’s built-in GPS, so the route may get a little messed up if the signal is lost, but it’s still amazingly accurate and close enough for what I’m doing (being off a few hundredths of a mile isn’t a big deal when you are running 8-10 miles!)

75 minutes on the bike in Spin class. Mixed in some good negative splits today (2 min. at 70% effort followed by 2 min. at 80% effort). HR was in the low 140’s (zone 3) most of the class, getting in to the 150’s (zone 4) on the negative splits. HR made it all the way up to 159 (zone 5b) during a 2 min. 90% effort to end the class.
25 minutes of weights (chest, triceps, abs)

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  1. polynesian_metal November 16, 2009 at 10:40 PM #

    Yes, indeed! Once I started using RunKeeper Free I figured right then that my iPhone pretty much paid for itself right there. Great app and great support from the RK team. I am upgrading as soon as my check clears so I can take pictures on the run without having to pause the app.

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