Catching Up

I’ve been able to get in some good workouts over this 4th of July weekend. Here’s what I’ve been up to:



1h30m on the bike at the gym. Did some good hill intervals and focused on keeping my heart rate above 130 for most of the ride. Avg HR = 133 bpm



30.30 miles in 1:32:54 (19.57 mph average)
Avg HR = 136 bpm
This phase of my training calls for some high intensity workouts, so I made it a point to push it on this ride. It contained lots of hills, so I’m happy with an average speed of 19.57 mph.



7.44 miles in 55:42 (7:29 min/mile pace)
Avg HR = 158 bpm
Fartlek run – this type of run consists of running at race pace, with shorts bursts of speed mixed in. I decided to put these bursts in every 10 minutes. So I ran very hard for 60 seconds every 10 minutes, then slowed back down to race pace. This is a fun workout and I good way to mix it up and make the run go by faster.



25.55 miles in 1:18:12 (19.60 mph average)
Avg HR = 136 bpm
The Cardinal Harbour Half-Ironman Triathlon is less than 2 weeks away, so I went and did some reconnaissance this morning. I rode some of the course so that I can be at least a little familiar with it come race day. This is always a good idea if you have the time. I now know that this is a fairly flat course with a few big hills, there’s lots of chances for speed. I got up to 41 mph on one of the downhills – fun stuff!

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