Dynamic Stretching / Warm-Up

I used to just lace up my shoes and go. I didn’t stretch or warm-up at all before my runs…then I turned 30. Not that becoming a year older made it necessary for me to warm-up, but I could tell that my muscles needed more time to warm-up than they used to. So now before every run, I do a little warm-up routine to get my blood flowing and get my muscles and joints ready to run. Here’s what it consists of:

Toe jogging – pretty simple, jog on your toes…little, short steps

Front grabs – walk forward lifting your forward moving leg up high to your chest. Grab the front of your lower leg and pull your knee up to your chest. Alternate legs.

Skips – think back to when you were 8…yeah, it’s the same thing

Butt kicks – Jog with your heal hitting your butt with each stride

Leg kicks – Walk with your legs straight, raising each up parallel with the ground as you walk

These will get everything loose and ready to roll. I try to do 4 or 5 streches after each run…I’ll talk about those some other time.

Swim: 5 minute warm-up
1.2 miles (2112 yds) in 39:45 (33:07 min/mile pace)
5 minute cool-down

20 minute of weights (shoulders, traps)

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