Since changing my cadence last week, all of my training runs have been on fairly flat ground…that all changed this morning! I decided to take my new running style on to some hills. Total change in elevation for the 6.05 miles was 334 feet. I did an out and back course from my house. Way out only had a net +14 feet change in elevation, so the way back was a net of -14 feet…pretty much constant hills after getting out of my neighborhood – it was hard to find enough flat ground to check my cadence. Here’s the profile:

Time was 23:17 on the way out (7:41/mile)
Time was 23:54 on the way back (7:54/mile)

Total time of 47:11 (7:47/mile pace)

I’m happy with this pace on these hills – they are the same ones that I do at the beginning of my long bike rides and they are tough!

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