With 6 weeks to go until the Louisville Half-Marathon, it’s time to step it up a notch! Instead of running only 3 days a week, I’ll add in an extra day of running while still mixing in some swimming and biking on the off days. That means that there’s going to be back-to-back days of running at some point each week.

I could definitely feel the effects of yesterday’s 6 miles of hills during my interval training this morning. I did my usual 10 minutes of warm-up, starting out easy and slowly increasing the pace. I mixed it up today and added in about 5 minutes of drills after the warm-up (butt-kickers, shuffles and grapevines) . Then I started my 1/2 mile intervals with 1:00 rest in between.

As usual, I wanted to keep them around the 3:40 mark, but the hamstrings were still feeling it from yesterday’s hills, so my times weren’t as good this week:

(1) 3:34
(2) 3:42
(3) 3:44
(4) 3:46
(5) 3:48
(6) 3:32
(7) 3:35

As my times started to creep up, I told myself that if I could push it and get two intervals under 3:40, that I would call it a day. I managed to find some speed, so I stopped after 7 intervals instead of the normal 9. Finished with a cool down jog and 10 minutes of stretching. No running tomorrow, and I’m glad – the legs need a rest!

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