I Thought I Knew What Hills Were

Today was the first day of running from home since we moved. My training plan called for me to run for 1h40m. So I took a quick look at a map and planned out a route. The thing that I didn’t look at was the elevation of this run. I quickly found out what I thought were hills before…were just small inclines. These were some hills!! For instance, how about climbing 174 feet in just under 1.4 miles (see miles 9-10 below)! Check out the elevation chart from my run this morning:

The hills were killer, but the scenery was unreal! Being up on top of these hills provided an awesome view. Not to mention that there is a creek running next to the road that contains several waterfalls. It was a beautiful morning and I can’t wait to get my bike out on some of these country roads!

2 hours on the bike in zone 2. Legs were feeling pretty tired and it was a struggle to keep my heart rate in zone 2.
Avg HR = 128

Ran 12.17 miles in 1:40:50 (8:17 min/mile pace) in zone 2.
This pace may look slow, but I assure you that I was pushing it. The total elevation change for the entire route was 748 feet!
Avg HR – 156
Max HR – 172

Swim – 1h09m (1.9 miles)
Bike – 6h00m (107 miles)
Run – 3h46m (27.1 miles)
Total – 10h55m (136 miles)

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