I’ve got beef…

with the guys who designed the two Urban Active gyms here in Louisville that have lap pools. I’ve been swimming in these pools for over a year now, getting in my laps, improving my times, etc. All along, I assumed that both of these pools were 25 yards in length. Why would I assume this? Probably because the two standard pool lengths are 25 yards and 50 meters (Olympic).

During my training, I would swim 70 lengths of the pool(s) at the gym to get in a mile. I became discouraged and confused when my mile times at the Mary T. Meagher indoor Olympic pool were several minutes slower.

Well, come to find out, the geniuses that designed the pools at Urban Active, didn’t make them 25 yards in length. I found out this week that the pool at the Taylorsville location is actually only 21 yards and the St. Matthews location is 24 yards! WHY?!?!

If the architects didn’t know that a lap pool is supposed to be 25 yards, you would think that the company that actually designed and installed the pools would give them the heads-up.

So all along, I’ve been short-changing myself in my swim training. Now it gets even more difficult for me to determine just how far I’m swimming.

I only had 20 minutes to swim this morning. I ended up getting in 46 lengths of the pool at St. Matthews, which equals 1104 yards (I know, that just looks stupid). Time was 20:49, which translates to 33:11/mile.

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