IRONMAN is here!

When most people here the word “Triathlon”, they think of the Ironman race. It’s the distance that started it all. 2.4 mile swim • 112 mile bike • 26.2 mile run.

Tomorrow is the Ironman Louisville Triathlon. Around 3000 athletes from over 20 countries will be competing. Even though I’m not racing, I’m really excited about it. I’m going to be volunteering as a “floater” on the Great Lawn from 5am-10am. I’ll basically be “floating” around helping out with whatever comes up. I’ll be posting what I’m doing throughout the day on Twitter (see Twitter updates on the right side of this blog), so check back in tomorrow morning.

All of the local TV stations will be on hand, so be sure and check out some of the coverage – they will no doubt share some of the great stories that have brought athletes to Louisville. If you want to see live coverage throughout the whole race, go to

Last year’s winner did the race is 8 hours, 33 minutes, and 58 seconds. Most non-professionals are more in the 12-14 hour range. Think about that…12 to 14 hours of physical exercise. Pretty impressive!

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