Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon Goals

I try to set goals for every race I do. Tomorrow will be no different.

Since this race is technically a training race for my Triathlon next month, the #1 goal is to come out of the race injury free and feeling good. I’ve listed this race as a Priority ‘B’ race on my training plan.

Goal #2 is to beat my PR for this race and a half marathon.

Best time for the three previous times I’ve run this race was 1:46:50 in 2000.

My PR for this distance is 1:43:39 in last year’s Louisville Half Marathon, which is a really flat course.

Goal #3 is going to be what I really focus on…and that’s running a negative split. I described what this means in a previous post.

The 51-49 principle is what I’ll try to follow. So for the sake of knowing what my splits should be, I’ll set a goal finish time of 1:43:00

That means I need to do the first half (6.55 miles) in 51% of my total time, or 52:32 (8:01 pace). The second half would then need to be done in 50:28 (7:42 pace).

The first few miles of the race are through the hills of Iroquois Park, so keeping the slower pace is a good idea there anyway. I did the 3 miles of Iroquois Park in 8:01, 7:54 and 7:53 during the Papa John’s 10 Miler earlier this month, so holding that 8:01 pace shouldn’t be too hard.

Here’s the plan:
Mile 1 -> 8:01 (8:01 pace)
Mile 2 -> 16:02 (8:01)
Mile 3 -> 24:03 (8:01)
Mile 4 -> 32:03 (8:01)
Mile 5 -> 40:04 (8:01)
Mile 6 -> 48:05 (8:01)
Mile 7 -> 55:56 (7:51)
Mile 8 -> 1:03:38 (7:42)
Mile 9 -> 1:11:20 (7:42)
Mile 10 -> 1:19:02 (7:42)
Mile 11 -> 1:26:44 (7:42)
Mile 12 -> 1:34:26 (7:42)
Mile 13 -> 1:42:08 (7:42)
Mile 13.1 -> 1:43:00 (7:51)

Weather could be a factor as rain and possible thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow. As of right now, looks like the temperature will be in the mid 60’s with a 30% change of rain during the race. I can’t control the weather, so I won’t worry about it!

Easy 1 hour on the bike to keep the legs loose. I also did about 20 minute of stretching and some core work.

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