Let Me Upgrade U…

I bought my current bike back in July of 2008 and loved every minute of time I’ve spent on “White Lightning”. However, she is a good bike for a casual cyclist, or someone that is just beginning in the sport of triathlon….I am no longer either of those things.

So as Beyonce is famous for saying, it’s time for an upgrade.

Sorry to torture you with that video, but I felt the need to explain the title of my post to those who may not remember this commercial.

I was hoping to have the money to get a new bike for 2011 and thanks to selling White Lightning and a few other things coming together, I feel comfortable spending the money on a nice bike. In order to make sure that my hard-earned money was going to be spent on the perfect bike for me, I had a bike fit done a few weeks ago. After over an hour and a half on the EXIT Bike Fit Machine, the technician was able to come up with three bikes that will work well for my body geometry and comfort. They key numbers are the stack and reach.

My ideal stack (for a 78 degree seat angle) is 53.0cm and my reach is 44.0cm.

So based on my budget and geometry, here’s what I have to choose between:

Argon 18 E-112 (Size L)
Stack =  53.6cm
Reach = 42.8cm
  Cervelo P2 (Size 56cm)
Stack = 53.1cm
Reach = 42.9cm

Jamis Zenith T (Size L/56cm)
Stack = 53.1cm
Reach = 43.2cm
All three bikes are similar in price range and each has some unique features. If anyone has ridden any of these and would like to share their experience, please leave a comment below. There are lots of other factors involved, but I’m going to choose between these three…decisions, decisions…
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