Little too much

My training plan called for me to do a distance run yesterday. It said to go 7-8 miles…so of course, I decided on 8. Left work and parked the car on 3rd Street north of UofL. Ran 4 miles south on 3rd St. & Southern Pkwy to New Cut Rd. and back.

First 4 miles was done in 29:14 (7:18/mile pace)
Second 4 miles was done in 32:22(8:05/mile pace)

Total time as 1:01:36 (7:42/mile pace)

I could tell that I was slowing down during the last few miles, but the first 5 or so felt really good. I probably should have just done 6 or 7 miles considering I’m still trying to get used to the new running style. Speaking of that, I checked my cadence several times during the run and I was always in the 29-31 touches per 20 seconds range, which is right where I need to be!

While I was waiting under the railroad overpass on 3rd Street for the freak rain storm to stop, two 12 year old boys ran up to wait out the rain as well. As most kids do, they starting asking me questions as soon as they walked up. We weren’t there more than 3-4 minutes, but here’s just a sample of the questions they asked me:

– How much can you bench?
– How fast can you run?
– Do you want to pet my snake? (yes, one of them was carrying a pet snake)
– Do you go to college?
– Do you play football?
– Are you married?
– What are you listing to?
– How old are you?
– Why don’t you run in the rain?

It was some good entertainment while waiting out the rain. Also, thanks to whoever is responsible for putting two fresh and clean port-o-pots in the lot across from UofL’s baseball stadium. I had to relieve myself and they kept me from having to hold it for 7 more miles! (I bet you were wondering why I had that picture of port-o-pots…now you know)

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  1. johnny on the spot September 4, 2009 at 4:42 PM #

    You should start wearing a diaper when you run…

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