Lovin’ me some fall running!!

4 laps around the mall (45F this morning…perfect weather!!)color>
Lap 1 (warm-up) – 9:54
Lap 2 – 9:43 (8:01/mile pace)
Lap 3 – 9:37 (7:56)
Lap 4 – 9:26 (7:47)
Total: 4.84 miles in 38:42 (7:59 min/mile)

HR stayed in the 143-145 range during the warm-up lap. Moved into the high 150’s (zone 2) during lap 2, and then moved up to 161-163 during the last 2 laps (top end of zone 2/bottom end of zone 3).

Here’s the profile from RunKeeper:

Blue line is speed, red line is elevation. Looks like I was running straight up and down hills, but it’s really only a 26 foot change in elevation…barely noticeable. I’ve added the yellow line that shows my average speed for each lap. As you can see, my speed was all over the place during my first half mile or so. Then I settled in and ran a pretty steady pace through the end of lap 2. At the start of lap three, I knew I wanted to speed it up, but I obviously took off way too fast (peaking at 9.5 mph, a pace of 6:18/mile!). I finally got control of the pace and finished out pretty steady. On the final lap, I was very sporadic for the first half, then got into a pretty steady pace before a little push at the end.

Being the engineering geek that I am, I really enjoy all this data that I’m getting from RunKeeper…now I just have to determine how to use this data to improve my training!

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