Intervals are getting quicker

Started with 5 minutes of warm-up jogging, then 5 minutes of drills. Intervals were once again 1/2 mile with 1:00 rest in between.

In the past, I’ve aimed for the 3:40 mark, but after several sub 3:30 times last week, I’ve moved the goal to 3:30. Here’s the results of today’s training:

(1) 3:32
(2) 3:30
(3) 3:31
(4) 3:29
(5) 3:29
(6) 3:28

I forgot the HR monitor this morning, so I don’t have any HR data…but I’m sure I was in zone 5b on that last interval, based on my breathing. Finished with a 5 minute cool-down and about 10 minutes of stretching.

Looking back at my intervals times from 9/1/09, I’m really encouraged by my increase in speed. Once I get into the next phase of training (Base 1), I will probably up the number of intervals from 6 back to 9.

According to Joe Friel and this new study, speed work, such as these intervals, is the way to become faster…even if you are training for long races!

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