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As I mentioned yesterday, the Base Phase of my training starts this coming week. I will focus on building my endurance during this stage. As you’ve read several times over the last few months, the best way to ensure that I’m working on building endurance is to do my training in the aerobic training zone.

Best way to ensure that I’m in this zone? Anyone know? Come on…yep…it’s through my heart rate. This means running, biking and swimming in zone 2…a lot! This will be challenging because it means having to slow things down from my normal training pace to effectively develop my aerobic engine. Keeping a close eye on my heart rate rather than my pace will be tough. It means swimming, cycling and running with my ego checked at the door. But if I’m patient enough to do just that, once my aerobic engine is built, the speedwork during the Build Phase will have a profound positive effect. Remember my bonk on the run portion of the Tri Indy? Building my aerobic engine will keep this from happening again.

1 hour on the bike at the gym (27&deg F = too cold to ride outside this morning).
Worked in HR Zone 2 for about the first half of the workout, then did intervals for the last half, moving between Zones 3 and 4.

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