My Final 2011 USAT Ranking

According to USA Triathlon’s rankings for 2011, I’m ranked 1567th out of 5897 in my Division (Males, ages 30-34). That’s in the top 26%, so it’s not too bad. I was ranked 1539th last year out of 3133 (top 49%). So while my ranking was lower, there were over 2700 more athlete’s this year and my score was also higher (78.53 versus 74.47). If you want to understand what this score means, read this post.
Because the race director didn’t turn in the results, two of my races were not included in the rankings. Neither of my Half-Ironman races were included. I’m not sure if these races would have helped or hurt my overall rank, but I finished 5th out of 10 in my AG at Taylorsville and 8th out of 28 at Cardinal…so it’s probably a wash.
The three races that were included in my rankings were the Sprint race I did in the Spring, the Olympic distance I did in June and the Ironman race last month. 
Shelbyville Sprint – Score = 80.97
TriFest Olympic – Score = 77.07
Ironman Louisville – Score = 77.66
On another note, I recently passed 20,000 views on this blog. I know what your thinking, but no, I don’t get on my own blog several times a day to increase my stats! It was cool to meet several people at races and events this year that follow my blog.

I know that I haven’t posted much in the month that’s passed since Ironman Louisville, but I honestly haven’t had much to report on. I’ve only had a hand full of workouts since then and my IT band is still hurting when I run, so I’m not even training for any road races this fall. I’m going to get back on a strict more strict workout routine next week. It will consist mostly of weight training, lots of stretching and some light biking and swimming. The cooler temperatures have me itching to get out and run, but I have to get this IT band healed now so that it doesn’t effect my 2012 season!

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  1. Matthew Smith September 21, 2011 at 3:43 PM #

    Top 26%? That’s crazy! Way to go, Luke!

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