New Gatorades On The Way

Over the next few months, expect to see a series of new Gatorade product lines focused on the serious athletes and the health conscious consumer. Here some of what you can expect:

G Series – The “G Series” is a three-part regimen designed to fuel every step of sports performance. Stage 1 (Prime) is a gel filled with B-Vitamins, carbs and electrolytes to be taken prior to workouts. Stage 2 (Perform) is just the good ‘ol Gatorade (or G2) that you’ve been drinking all along. To be consumed during your workout. Stage 3 (Recover) is a re-hydrating protein drink to be consumed right after your workout.

G Series Pro – This line includes the G Series Pro Endurance Formula that will come in ready-to-drink form, powder and powder sticks (are these like those tea powders?). G Series Pro drinks will be available in pouches and bottles tailored for athletic users before, during and after their workouts. This line will sell exclusively at specialty or premium stores like GNC or Dick’s Sporting Goods. The Gatorade website says that this is the stuff that pros have been using for the last 15 years…and it’s now available to you!! Woo Hoo! I guess they think we can finally handle the “good stuff”.

G Series Natural – Another line that the company is marketing as natural, or the G Natural line, will be available at some Whole Foods stores. G Natural is sweetened with sugar and a lower-calorie G2 Natural will be sweetened with a stevia extract.

As long as they don’t put Tiger Woods on the bottles anymore, I might actually consider buying some of this new stuff…

2h15m on the bike. 45 minute spin class thrown in the middle. Lots of good, long hills today. Good Force building workout.

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