Papa John’s 10 Miler Goal

So as with any race that I’ve done before, the goal is to beat my PR (Personal Record).

I’ve run this race two previous times:

2001 – Time was 1:23:33 (8:21 min/mile)

2009 – Time was 1:23:23 (8:20 min/mile)

I was 10 seconds faster last year than in 2001. I didn’t realize the times were that close until just now…kind of strange.

Based on my training runs, if everything goes according to plan, I should smash my PR tomorrow.

I’m shooting for a time of 1:18:00, which would equal a pace of 7:48 min/mile.

This is a Priority C race, so the main goal is to have fun and stay injury free. Next week starts the “Build Phase” of my triathlon training, so I need to be in tip-top condition…because the workout intensity is about to increase!!!

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