Catching Up

It’s been a busy week, but I’ve been able to get in some good training sessions. Here’s a recap of my week:

Monday’s Workout:
1h25m on the bike. This was a pretty easy ride just to get me legs back after Sunday’s race. I kept the HR is Zone 2 and did about 30 minutes of weights (legs, chest, tricpes and abs).

Tuesday’s Workout:
Running intervals.
1.23 mile warm-up (9:29) – 7:42 min/mile pace
(8) 1/2 mile intervals
1) 3:08 – avg HR 159
2) 3:16 – 160
3) 3:18 – 160
4) 3:21 – 161
5) 3:22 – 163
6) 3:24 – 163
7) 3:24 – 162
8) 3:25 – 163
1.23 mile cool-down (9:58) – 8:06 min/mile pace
Total workout – 6.46 miles in 55:14

Swam 1488yd in 30:39. This included some drills at the beginning and end with about 15 minutes of easy swimming in the middle.

Wednesday Workout:
With the 10 miler coming up this weekend, I wanted to get in a good run with a pace slightly above “comfortable”. I ended up going 7.15 miles in 55:22 (7:44 min/mile pace). My heart rate stayed around 159-165 for most of the run with my average being 163. So I was at the top end of Zone 2 and the bottom end of Zone 3 (intensive endurance) for this run. I was pushing it pretty good, but I think I could hold this pace for 10 miles. More on my race goals tomorrow.

Thursday Workout:
1h15min on the bike. Spin class was made up of lost of hills and intervals. Legs were a little tired at first from the run on Wednesday, but they warmed up about 10 minutes in. Good overall workout, average HR was 133. Did about 30 minutes of weights (back, shoulders and abs).
Swam for 15 minutes. Mostly drills and sighting practice. Covered 720yd.

Papa John’s 10 miler coming up on Saturday. I’ll take a look at my race goals tomorrow.

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