Pimpin’ Running All Over The World

Within a week I ran in two very different environments. My wife and I went to Chicago the weekend before last for a little get-away and then I was in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Chicago was snowy and cold. It was 9° F and snowing the morning that I went for a run along Lakeshore Trail. I don’t mind the cold and being the first one to make foot-prints in the fresh snow was kind of cool. This path along Lake Michigan is a favorite of mine and I always make it a point to get in a few miles on it every time I’m up there. Here’s a few pictures from that run…

Trail on the way back after some other runners (and cyclists) had joined me.
Lake Michigan – yes, it’s frozen.
This past weekend, I was in Las Vegas for work and took advantage of some warmer weather (56° F) and sun to get in a run. I started from my hotel (MGM Grand) and headed out behind the strip and went east. I just did a simple out-and-back run to avoid getting too lost. The view on the way back was pretty awesome. I could see the strip with Mount Charleston in the background. The sun was nice, but the wind made it hard to completely enjoy my run. Gusts of up to 25 mph are no fun to run it. Here’s some pictures from my Vegas run…

I really enjoy running when I’m out of town. Being away from home makes it hard to stick to my training and nutrition, but it’s worth it to get to experience running in new places!

1/23/11: Run (Chicago)- 8.32 miles at aerobic threshold heart rate (1:15:30 – 9:04/mile pace)
1/24/11: Bike – 30 min on the recumbant bike at the hotel gym
1/24/11: Weights – Strength Superset Series
1/25/11: Run – AT Pace Test – 4 x 1 mile intervals keeping HR at AT (times were 8:27, 8:37, 8:38, 8:46)
1/26/11: Swim – TrainSmart Group workout (3000 yd in 1:27:13)
1/27/11: Bike – Tempo Time Trial – Established new bike lactate threshold HR of 161 bpm.
1/27/11: Run – Hill Repeats on stairclimber
1/28/11: Swim – T Pace Test – New 100yd T pace is 1:53 (total workout of 1584yd in 33:23)
1/28/11: Weights – Extreme Core Set
1/29/11: Run – 7.90 mile Kids Center Training Group Run (1:21:40 – 10:20/mile pace)
1/30/11: Run (Las Vegas)- 10.00 miles at areobic threshold hear rate (1:25:25 – 8:34/mile pace)
2/2/11: Swim – TrainSmart Group Wokrout (solo) – (2784 yd in 1:07:21)
2/3/11: Bike – Spin Class with hill and speed intervals (Covered 24 miles in 1:13:36)
2/3/11: Weights – Strength Super Series

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