Rev3 Knoxville Triathlon Preview

This will be my second year doing this Olympic Distance race in Knoxville, Tennessee. I had a great time last year, which you can read about here…so I decided to get it on the race calendar again in 2013.
The race will consist of a 0.9 mile (1500 meter) swim, a 24.8 mile (40K) bike and a 6.2 mile (10K) run.
The swim will take place in the Tennessee River (which was a very chilly 58 degrees at last check), the bike is a hilly out and back course and the run is a mix of roads and paved paths through a park. The finish line is at World’s Fair Park (see below).

Our family has an additional member this year, so we are taking along my sister-in-law for some help with the three kids. We’ll start the 240 mile drive sometime tomorrow as Saturday is full of pre-race activities for both athlete’s and their families. The race will take place Sunday morning. If you would like to follow the race live, you can see streaming video on the Rev3 website –
As usual, this race has attracted some of the sport’s best athletes. Professionals Andrew Yoder, Cameron Dye, Kevin Ryan (from Lexington), and Mirinda Carfrae will be among those toeing the line.
The weather is looking a little sketchy at this point, but a lot can change in 72 hours! 

I’m really excited about the trip and the race. I’m also interested to see how my foot feels during the run. I’ve been battling Peroneal Tendonitis for three weeks now. I haven’t run in 10 days (had to back out of the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon) and even suffered through two aqua-jogging sessions this week in an attempt not to completely lose my running fitness. I’ve been to see my PT buddy at Dr. Rudy Ellis and have had a couple of acupuncture sessions at Meridian in the last two weeks…I’m hoping that has helped me get to a place where I can run the full 10K. We’ll see…

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