Run Lactate Threshold Test

So yesterday I did a LT test for the bike. Today I did the same thing for the run.

Here’s the test:

15 minute warm-up at an easy pace
Then run a 30 minute time trial at my maximum sustainable pace. The key is to run at a pace that you can sustain for 30 minutes, without slowing down (steady pace throughout).
I pushed the lap button 10 minutes into the time trail to get my average heart rate for the final 20 minutes.
This average heart rate is my Lactate Threshold for running. Here’s the results:

Avg. HR = 174 bpm

In order to find my ranges, I take my 174 bpm and multiply it by percentages to get each zone (just like I did yesterday to find my bike zones). For Zone 4, I use 0.96 and 1.03. This gives me a range of 166-179. This is my new Zone 4 (LT or Anaerobic Threshold). Using this formula, I can find all of my HR zones. Here’s what I came up with.

Zone 1 (70-76%): 121-132 bpm
Zone 2 (77-85%): 133-148 bpm
Zone 3 (86-95%): 149-165 bpm
Zone 4 (96-103%): 166-179 bpm
Zone 5 (104-max%): 180-max

My legs and body were pretty tired from yesterday’s bike test, so I didn’t have the extra push that I wanted. I’m not sure that I agree with these numbers (expected them to be higher), but I will have another test in 6 weeks that may correct these a little bit. For now, this is what I’m going with.


After the run TT, I splashed some water around for the first time in almost 7 weeks. Here’s my workout:
480yd warm-up (9:28)
Drills (480yd in 9:10)
Two laps of each (single arm, fist swimming, catch-ups, one side, 3-1 transition)
48yd cool-down (1:00)
Total workout: 1008 yd in 19:39 (1:57/100yd pace)

It felt good to get back in the water, but even with only going for 20 minutes, I’m sure I will have some sore muscles over the next few days.

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