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Since 2010 marked my first full marathon, I thought I would take a look back at my running workouts for the calendar year. I had a total of 127 runs for 940.73 miles. If I was so inclined, this distance would have taken me from Louisville to Toronto. I’m guessing I would decided to fly back home.

Since I’m a geek, I decided to make a graph showing each run (even speed work at the track) and it’s distance. This actually looked pretty cool, showing my build-up to my half-ironman triathlons in May and July and my marathon in November.

Just for comparison, I looked back at 2009. I only logged 632 miles in 2009…so this past year I managed to squeeze in 308 more miles! Wow…where did I find the time???

During a run on Sunday (12/26) morning, I stepped off the side of the road while doing some hill repeats and severely sprain my ankle. This is definitely the worst sprain I’ve ever had and within a few hours, my ankle was the size of a softball. I iced it on and off all day Sunday while keeping it elevated. I started adding in some compression (thanks for the Christmas gift of compression socks, Mom & Dad!) yesterday and this morning I was able to walk on it without crutches. I did about 45 minutes on the bike this morning and it felt ok. It’s going to be a while before the swelling goes down enough to even think about running on it, but I have to let it heal properly or it will be nagging me for months. Injuries are never good, but one now is something I can work with…one in July is not!!

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  1. Max K. December 29, 2010 at 9:17 AM #

    Now i have the urge to graph all my data, graphs do look much better than excel spreadsheets.

    Good job and good luck next year!

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