Running Intervals

Run– Did some pyramid intervals at the track in the gym. I call this workout “Twin Peaks”…for obvious reasons. Lap count was 2,4,6,8,6,4,2,4,6,8,6,4,2 with a minute rest between each interval. Here’s a chart of my distance and pace.

While I try to maintain the same pace whether I’m going 2 laps or 8, you can see from the graph that I slow down on the longer intervals. Total time including warm-up and cool down was 1:04; total distance was 5.85 miles.

Swim– Did 50:08 without resting. Most of the workout was done at an easy pace. I worked on sighting and technique during most of the swim. I also counted strokes per lap (this helps pass the time). I was right at 22-23 strokes per pool length (24yd). A typical age-group triathlete may have a stroke length that allows them to complete 50yd in about 38 – 52 strokes (I’m at 46 strokes per 50yd), and a stroke rate of 54 – 64spm (strokes per minute). Compare this to an elite swimmer, i.e. Ian Thorpe – who would typically swim with a stroke count of 27 – 32 strokes per 50yd and a stroke rate of 72 to 76spm, and its easy to see how a swimmer like this moves faster through the water than I do.
Total distance for today’s workout was around 2,328 yards (1.32 miles) – pace was 37:54 min/mile.

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