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So yesterday I narrowed down my sports drink selection to the four that had what I was looking for in both sodium content and carbohydrates. I took a few quick minutes to do a price check on those four.
Prices are per, but I priced them elsewhere and there wasn’t much difference.

Gatorade Powder – Makes 1 gal of gatorade per package, 40 packages per case = 200, 24 oz. servings: $58.94 ($0.29 per serving)

Gatorade Endurance Drink Mix – Makes 29, 24 oz. servings: $21.20 ($0.73 per serving)

PowerBar Endurance Drink Mix – Makes 17, 24 oz. servings: $21.95 ($1.29 per serving)

PowerAde ION4 – ??? I can’t find pricing on this anywhere online. Maybe I’ll check and see next time I’m at Walmart.

So clearly, buying “standard” Gatorade powder and mixing up my own drinks is the cheapest way to go. All I need is a 1 gallon container to keep in the fridge to fill my 24 oz. bottle from each morning. Any suggestions on flavor?

Run – 10.10 miles in 1:21:15 (8:02 min/mile pace)
Still trying to get these workouts in zone 2, but I’m having trouble keeping my heart rate high enough. I’ve sent an email to Joe Friel about this problem…we’ll see what he says.
Avg HR = 151 bpm
Max HR = 161 bpm

Swim – 5 minute warm-up followed by 15 minutes of drills. I did some typical drills (catch-ups, fist swimming, one arms, etc.), but I also practiced some sighting. This will be crucial to a good swim time in open water. Good thing I practiced! I took in some water the first few times, but got in a good rhythm of sighting every 3-4 strokes. I’ll continue to incorporate these sighting drills into my workouts. Finished off with 3 x 50 sprints.
1) 41.34 sec.
2) 40.21
3) 38.97

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