Start of Base 2 Phase

Today marks the start of the Base 2 Phase in my training. It’s similar to Base 1 in that there will be a focus on volume more so than intensity. I will still be doing most of my work in heart rate zone 2, but will be adding in force training. Some examples of force training are: swimming in a baggy shirt and shorts, biking on hills while trying to staying seated, and running on hills or doing hill repeats for interval workouts. Sounds exciting huh?

On another note, today marked the day that the majority of people start their new year’s resolutions to get in shape and head to the gym. It was noticeably more crowded this morning…and you couldn’t pay me to be there after work tonight! No worries…it will thin out again in a few weeks!

2hr on the bike in Zone 2. Covered around 38-40 miles.
Warm-up avg HR = 111 bpm
Workout avg HR = 134 bpm
Cool down avg HR = 109 bpm

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