Thanks Lance!

You can (and should) blame Lance Armstrong for lots of things…including the potential demise of cycling. But one thing we can thank him for is NBC moving their telecast of the Ironman World Championship up 6 weeks. They normally don’t air this pre-recorded version of the race until early December…but back before Lance’s world came crashing down, he was planning on participating in this race. Seeing it as an opportunity to cash in on a little name recognition, NBC had everything in place to get production done early this year. So even after Lance was banned from racing, NBC decided to proceed as planned.
Spoiler Alert – Pete Jacobs wins!
So tomorrow afternoon at 4pm Eastern Time, NBC will air the 2012 Ironman World Championship. My DVR is already set! The two hour telecast (30 minutes longer than in the past) will show how the pro Men’s and Women’s races unfolded and will highlight several Age-Group athlete’s journey to completing the 140.6 mile race in Kailau-Kona, Hawaii.
Word is that this year’s show will be in two parts. The first part will be an “all-access” experience taking viewers through the whole week leading up to the race with lots of interviews from Pros and AGer’s. The second part of the show will be the actual race. They will attempt to show this part as if the race was going on live, showing the day as it unfolded.
So there you have it. For all of us that love the sport, this is our one chance a year to get friends and family to watch a triathlon and hopefully begin to understand where the obsession comes from!
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