Time to Get Down to Business

Tomorrow morning I will tackle my first long brick of my 2011 training season. I’ve done a few shorter bikes followed-up up immediately with a short run, but those were easy. Tomorrow I will do an 80-90 mile ride, a quick transition, then a 7-8 mile run.

During this brick, I will attempt to simulate race conditions. I will wake up, eat the breakfast that I plan to on race day, then drive down to Taylorsville Lake. I will have my bike loaded up with the fuel that I plan to use on race day, and I will pack my fuel belt with gels and water to simulate the water stations that will be available during the running legs of the races.

Doing all this will give me a good indication if what I’m eating/drinking on the bike is enough to sustain 5 hours of biking/running and if my stomach can handle the combination of gels and liquid supplements that I plan to throw down there. Should be a great learning experience!

Here’s a few pictures from last weekend’s Papa John’s 10 Miler:

Heading back up Southern Parkway, about mile 7
Game face
This is what I look like going all out to finish a race…not pretty.
Making my goal time on the nose required a strong finish!

3/22/11: Bike– Bike Drills (15 miles in 45:00)  
3/22/11: Swim – Ladder intervals (1152 yd in 23:05) 
3/25/11: Swim – TrainSmart workout (2500 yd in 49:21) 
3/26/11: Run – Papa John’s 10 Miler (10.00 miles in 1:14:00) 
3/27/11: Bike– Aerobic Ride (37 miles in 2:01:00)  
3/28/11: Run – Cadence Counts (4.78 miles in 36:16) 
3/28/11: Weights – Body Blaster Circuit x 4
3/29/11: Bike– Spin Class (16 miles in 51:05)  
3/29/11: Swim – Drills (2450 yd in 49:07) 
3/30/11: Swim – TrainSmart Swim Group – open water simulation
3/30/11: Run – Hill Repeats (4.94 miles in 36:13) 
3/31/11: Bike– Big Gear Climbs (16 miles in 55:01)  
3/31/11: Weights – Dry Land Circuit x 4

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