Training alone

Due to when I train (early morning) and how I train (following a pretty strict plan), I train alone. I’ve been on rides and runs with other people before and it’s a nice change of pace, but I actually prefer to train alone. Some triathlete’s have training partners or groups that they run and ride with several times a week. I always wonder when training with others, am I keeping up with their pace, or are they keeping up with mine? It’s really impossible to tell.

For the most part triathlons are race’s against the clock and the elements, not often are you toe to toe with another athlete (especially in long races). Pacing thus becomes the most important issue. I find that the best way to learn pace is by training alone. Training alone forces you to look within to find the right pace and it also forces you to concentrate. These are two aspects that will come in handy on race day.

Training alone can be boring; especially on 4 hour rides, 2 hour runs, or 1 hour swims. But if you can master this aspect of training and live to tell about it you will be very tough mentally. It truly is a case of mind over matter.

2h25min on the bike. Exactly 12 hours after completing my 12+ mile run on hills I was in the saddle for 145 minutes of Zone 2 riding. My legs were tired and it showed. It was really about 30 minutes into the ride before my legs felt good…then the last 45 minutes or so, keeping a good enough pace to stay in Zone 2 was a struggle! Probably covered around 40-45 miles.

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  1. Jessica Powell, Vogue Visions Photography December 22, 2009 at 5:47 PM #

    You are mentally and physically tough and I admire all of your hard work!

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