Base Phase week 2 complete

It took me an extra day, but the weather finally cleared up and I was able to get in a long run today to complete Base Phase 1, Week 2. I ran lots of good hills today and was able to stay in Zone 2 for most of the run. I actually had a problem keeping my heart rate high enough towards the end of my run. My zone 2 is from 154-162 beats per minute. Several times, I looked down and noticed my HR dipping into the high 140’s. I was slowing down, not because I was out of juice, but my legs were just tired! I can definitely tell that I’m getting a stronger aerobic engine, I’m having trouble running a fast enough pace to keep my HR in Zone 2!

Check out the hills!

Here’s my split times for each mile (also courtesy of RunKeeper):

Total distance was 12.16 miles in 1:42:01 (8:23 min/mile pace). I’m happy with this pace considering the changes in elevation.

Goal for the week was 12 hours of training, I ended up with 11:57…close enough for me!

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