Training for 2010 starts today!

Finally getting back into a routine following a few weeks of easy training after the Louisville Half-Marathon.

This phase of my training is called the “Prep” phase. Based on the training plan outlined in Joe Friel’s “The Triathlete’s Training Bible”; you start with the date of your first “Priority A” race. Then counting backwards, you have race week, 2 weeks in the “Peak” phase, 8 weeks in various stages of the “Build” phase, 12 weeks in various stages of the “Base” phase, and then 5 weeks in the “Prep” phase. My first “Priority A” race will be sometime in mid May (date hasn’t been set yet), so counting back 27 weeks…we come to today!

1 hour on the bike (Spin Class) – lots of intervals, some speed, some force (hills) – heart rate was in the 135-150 range most of the time (zone 2). Covered somewhere around 20 miles.
20 minutes in the pool – 5 minutes of drills (single arm, catch-up, finger-tip drag), followed by 15 minutes of swimming at a comfortable pace. I didn’t count laps, so I’m not sure exactly how far I swam, guessing somewhere around 40 total lengths (approx. 840 yards or .47 miles). Thanks to the two elderly ladies that were in the pool this morning. If it wasn’t for their pool-based cardio workout, I wouldn’t have been able to swim…still not happy about this!

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