Training is complete!

Today was my last day of training before Sunday’s triathlon. Tomorrow will be a rest day and I will probably run a little once I get to the race site to pick up my packet on Saturday. I spent 25 minutes in the pool this morning doing some interval work.

400 yard warm-up
6 x 100 yd. intervals with 1 minute rest between
200 yard cool down

Goal was to do all the 100 yd. intervals in under 1:45, which I was able to do. Something funny that I noticed is that when I breath to my left side, I’m a few seconds slower than when I breath to my right side (1:41 vs. 1:38). Only problem is that I tend to take in a little water when breathing to the right…something I’ll work on later.

So now that the training is done, thought that I would take a look at my training log and check out my totals for the year (Jan. 2 – Aug. 13). If anyone would like to know how much time goes into training for an Olympic distance tri, here ya go:

Swim Distance: 45.63 miles
Swim Time: 28 hr. 10 min.
Swim Calories burned: 18,252

Bike Distance: 1,430.5 miles
Bike Time: 77 hr. 47 min.
Bike Calories: 57,220

Run Distance: 311 miles
Run Time: 42 hr. 56 min.
Run Calories: 31,110

Total Miles: 1,787.13
Total Time: 148 hr. 53 min.
Total Calories: 106,572

Seeing all the time that I’ve devoted to training makes me think about how supportive my wife Jessica has been. She has never once complained about me going on a run after I get home from work, or leaving her in bed every morning to head to the gym or out on a long ride. Especially now with the new addition to the family, there isn’t much free time for either of us, but she’s been very encouraging and understanding. Not to mention that she lets me sleep at night while she get’s up with Kate because she knows how important sleep is to my training. Even more impressive than all that, she listened to me tell her about how my swim/bike/run went every day and never once acted like she didn’t care. Love you babe!

“To try is to live; not to try is to die. That is the real essence of life; the doing of something, irrespective of success or failure.” Mark Long

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