The taper continues

Short brick this morning wearing the tri suit. 8 miles on the bike, followed by a 2 mile run. Bike ran smooth after the tune-up, I sure can tell that the rear breaks were adjusted! Tri suit felt good on the bike and run, so we’re a go for wearing it on Sunday.
Last night I switched out the laces in my running shoes with speed laces (see picture to the right). I only use these for races, because shoving your foot into shoes that are already tied is a sure way to cut down the life of very expensive running shoes!
Since today was the last training run on White Lightning, after my ride, I started stripping all the unnecessary components off the bike. Hand pump, wheel reflectors, saddle bag, strobe light…all gone. While all of these components are important to have while doing long training runs, they aren’t any help on race day. If you get a flat or have a mechanical problem during a race, someone will come a pick you up. All of this extra stuff just adds to your overall weight and makes you less aerodynamic (I admit that this is mostly in my head, but triathlons are 75% mental half the time…or something like that)
We also confirmed plans to stay with some friends the night before the race in Indianapolis. One more thing done on the pre-race check list!

As a side note, I check the forecast for Indy…low of 69 Saturday night and high of 87 on Sunday with partly cloudy conditions and only 10% chance of rain. These are great conditions for mid-August. Let’s pray that the forecast is accurate!

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