Trying out the tri suit

Spent about an hour on the bike this morning at the gym (roughly 20 miles), and then hit the pool for 20 minutes of swimming (1000 meters / 0.62 miles). Worked pretty hard on the bike, but took it easy in the pool…after all, this is suppoesd to be an easy week.

For my birthday back in April, my wonderful mother-in-law gave me a Pearl Izumi Triathlon suit. This suit is a single piece of clothing that you can swim, bike and run in. This really cuts down on transition times…plus, trying to put a bike jersey on when your wet is not easy! Anyway, even though this expensive tri suit has been hanging in my closet for almost 4 months, I’ve never worn it in the water, on the bike, or running. Since the plan is to use it in Indy this weekend, I thought I should give it “tri” before race day. So today, I took it to the gym and put it on before swimming some laps. Needless to say, I felt kind of silly walking around in the locker room wearing it, but it felt good in the pool. So sometime in the next few days I’ll wear it on the bike and get in a few miles with it on running. Maybe I’ll throw on some shorts over it for the run, so I don’t scare the women and children in the neighborhood!

Also dropped my bike off at Cycler’s Cafe this morning for a tune-up. Always a good idea before a race!

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