Easy run

This morning was spent doing some interval running on the track at the gym followed by some light weights. My intervals were pretty simple:

1 mile warm-up run (14 laps of the track at the gym) at my race pace

4 laps (.285 miles – yes, I know, it’s a weird distance) at 90% effort – I try to do these in under 2 minutes
2 laps at 50% effort (rest)

I repeat this set of 4×2’s three times and then do some stretching. It takes about a total of about 20 minutes.

I’m heading to pick up “White Lightning” here in a few minutes, it will be good to have her (yes, my bike is female – just like every boat and car is also a female) back in my possession. Having your bike in someone else’s care 5 days before a race can be nerve-racking!

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