Week of gluttony

We’ll, not really gluttony…but the closest I’ll ever get to it. Once or twice a year, I will take a week and pretty much each whatever I want. The rest of the year, I’m pretty strict about my diet.

This past week was one of these weeks. So what did I eat? Here’s some of my indulgences from the is past week:

– Bacon cheeseburger
– Taco Bell (bean burritos and volcano tacos!)
– Cinnamon graham crackers
– Dr. Pepper
– Jessica’s banana pudding (best thing I’ve ever tasted…seriously)
– Peanut M&M’s
– Papa John’s pizza
– McDonald’s Arctic Orange Shake
– Birthday cake and ice cream (anticipating this tonight at Mark’s B-day celebration)

Training for my next event starts tomorrow. What’s the next event? find out tomorrow…

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