Who Has the Healthiest French Fries?

According to Men’s Health Magazine, the worst fries in America belong to Five Guys Burger & Fries.

Five Guys Fries

1,464 calories
71 g fat (14 g saturated)
213 mg sodium

For those of you living in Louisville, Five Guys Burgers and Fries recently opened its first restaurant here at The Summit shopping center…just don’t get the fries!!!

Who has the healthiest fries? My dad will be happy to know this…

McDonald’s Small French Fries

230 calories
11 g fat (1.5 g saturated)
160 mg sodium

I’m not Lovin It, but it’s better than the alternative!

1/2 mile repeats
1 mile warm-up at 8 min/mile pace
3 minutes of drills
6 half-mile intervals around the track with a 1 minute rest between each, 1/2 mile times:
5 minute cool-down followed by 10 minutes of weights (legs)
Total Workout: 5.0 miles in 44:24
I wanted to do 8 repeats, but the tape on my knee kept coming loose and I didn’t want to risk running without it. So I decided to call it quits after 6. It would have taken me too long to quit running, go back to the locker room, wash my leg off, let it dry and then reapply the tape. Plus, I was already sweating at this point and I doubt the tape would have stuck very well anyway.

8 lengths of warm-up. I worked on breathing every 4th stroke, which was easy to do during warm-ups, but becomes impossible for me when I start exerting effort.
1 mile in 33:41
I was running short on time, so I limited my cool-down to 2 laps…which isn’t enough!
Total Workout: 2064 yd (1.17 mi) in 38:47

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