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Healthy Food Swaps

The world of food is confusing. There are conflicting messages everywhere when it comes to what and how much you should eat. I read research and listen to experts talk on podcasts every day and there are still times where I come across contradictory information within a 24-hour period!So what do I do? I just […]

Supplement Give Away Winner Is Announced!

Thanks to everyone that entered the contest – we had well over 200 entries! The winner is….Samantha! a Rafflecopter giveaway Be sure and visit all of my sponsor’s websites. I sought out these companies because they provide great products and services. Swag’s Sports Shoes Rudy Ellis Sports Medicine Center Garden of Life GreenBEAN Delivery Meridian […]

Meal Replacement Drinks

It seems like meal replacement shakes and drinks are all the rage in the health and nutrition world right now. These “easy” and “conveinent” options for people to drink in place of a solid-food meal are nothing new. Slim-Fast has been promoting their shakes for almost 30 years now. Remember the slogan “a shake for […]