2010 USA Triathlon Rankings

The rankings for last season have been released by USAT. The rankings are calculated as a comparison between an athlete’s race time and the projected time of the best age grouper (aka Amateur) in the rankings. It’s basically like calculating a golf score. The best athlete’s time is “par” and your score is calculated based on how far off of the “par” race time you were. For example, if the par time of a sprint race is 60 minutes, someone who completed the race in 72 minutes would be 20% slower than the best age grouper, calculated as a score of 80. Note that since the best athlete’s in the country don’t run every race, the par times are usually estimated.

So if this hypothetical “best amateur triathlete” was ranked, his score would be 100.

So now the question that everyone wants to know…where was I ranked???

I finished with a score of 74.46717 and ranked 1539th in the country in the Male, Age 30-34 class. Six of my seven races from 2010 were figured into my rankings. Unfortunately, my best race from last year, the Tom Sawyer Sprint Tri (finished 3rd in Age Group and 8th overall) was not counted because it was not registered as an official USAT race. If this race would have counted, it may have bumped me into the top 1200…so close!

Here are my scores from each race:

Shelbyville Sprint Tri – 75.04431
Taylorsville Lake Half Ironman – 72.48941
Back to Health Olympic Tri – 70.10165
Cardinal Harbour Half Ironman – 63.31254
Tri Indy Olympic – 69.95644
Boilerman Olympic Tri – 75.99221

I’m not sure what significance any of this has, other than it’s cool to see my name listed on the USAT Rankings and trying to score higher this year gives me another goal!

PS – I wonder how I will rank in the USA Today / Coaches Poll?              If you didn’t laugh when you read this last sentence, don’t bother asking me to explain.


4/17/11: Race – Shelbyville Sprint Triathlon
4/18/11: Elliptical – 8 x 60s sprints  (4.1 miles in 46:12)   
4/18/11: Weights – Body Blaster circuit – 4 sets 
4/19/11: Bike – Sprint intervals  (18 miles in 50:01)  
4/19/11: Swim – Hypoxic Sets (1300 yd in 27:02)
4/20/11: Swim – TrainSmart Swim Group (3000 meters in 1:03:38)

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