A little perspective…

After months of training, race day has now come and gone. While I’m not completely satisfied with my performance, I’ve put some things in perspective the last 48 hours.

I competed in my first triathlon just over a year ago with very little preparation. Most of my swim during that first race was spent doing a side stroke because I didn’t know how to breathe correctly doing freestyle (it wasn’t pretty – just ask anyone that was in attendance). I also had to stop and walk a few times during the 3.1 mile run portion of that first race because I wasn’t in good enough shape. Just 6 months ago, I couldn’t swim more than 2 lengths of the pool without being completely out of breath.

This past Sunday, I swam for 36 minutes without stopping. This was my first time swimming in something that didn’t contain chlorine. I contained lots of other chemicals and bacteria…but no chlorine, or E.Coli according to this guy.

It also had no lines on the bottom to help me swim straight, no walls to push off of, no extra breaths between laps if I got tired. So not too shabby for a guy that could only swim for 2 minutes at a time a few months ago.

I can also honestly say, that the 2 hours and 50 minutes of pushing myself to exhaustion was the longest period of time that I’ve ever spent busting my butt without a break – and I loved every second of it!

So what’s next? Check back tomorrow…

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