A little R & R

Every 4th week during the Base and Build phases of my training is reserved for rest and recovery. It’s desperitly needed after the fatigue accumulated over the three previuos weeks. Without this regular rest, my fitness won’t progress as required. The idea is to let the muscles recover and for my body to feel rested come the end of the week, but still maintain the endurance that I’ve built up until now.

Total training hours for this week is only 7 (compared to 10, 12 and 13.5 over the last three weeks). This worked out nicely since I’m only working intermittently this week; I can get me workouts in early and be back home before Kate wakes up. Lots of good and needed family time this week!

Ran 7.11 miles in 56:23 (7:55 min.mile pace). I’m still doing attempting to do all workouts in heart rate Zone 2. I say attempting, because it’s getting harder for me to not drop down in to Zone 1…especially the first few miles of my runs. This means that my aerobic endurance is improving, but I’m going to have to speed it up to stay in Zone 2. Maybe a longer warm-up period is needed. Not sure.
Avg HR was 152 (Zone 2 is from 154-162)
Max HR was 160

Swam for 18 minutes. Did a few laps to warm-up, then 10 minutes at a comfortable pace, followed by some speed work:
4 x 48 (2 lengths) intervals:
(1) – 42.5
(2) – 41.3
(3) – 40.9
(4) – 41.6
Finally a few laps to cool down.

Ran some Ladder Intervals.
1 mile warm-up
5 minutes of drills
Ladder intervals consisted of 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 laps around the track
I don’t have my new watch completely figured out yet, so I don’ t have my split times for the intervals – sorry, I know everyone is going to be real upset by this. I’ll get it figured out by next week. 
1/2 mile cool down
Total run time was 36:40

Weights – 30 minutes of shoulders and abs

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