A Look Back

It was about a year ago this time that I decided to start training specifically for triathlons. I began to plan out my workout schedule to include several sessions of swimming, biking and running each week.

Thanks to OnTri.com, my training log is saved going all the way back to December 15, 2008. I decided to go back and take a look at what I was doing approximately a year ago and see how my training has changed/improved. After all, there’s no better way to prepare for the future than to look at the past!

Totals for the month of 12/15/08 – 1/15/09:
Swim: 4.69 miles at a pace of 46:17 min/milecolor>
Bike: 106.1 miles at a pace of 15.3 mphcolor>
Run: 29.84 miles at a pace of 8:18 min/milecolor>

Fast forward to the month of 10/9/09 – 11/9/09 (last week that I was able to swim):
Swim: 2.26 miles at a pace of 35:47 min/milecolor>
Bike: 166.09 miles at a pace of 19.4 mphcolor>
Run: 57.26 miles at a pace of 7:54 min/milecolor>

So it’s not hard to see the improvement from less than a year ago. I’m much faster in all three disciplines…great motivation to get up every morning and try to improve even more!

4 laps around the mall
Lap 1 – 9:33 (7:53/mile pace)
Lap 2 – 9:35 (7:55)
Lap 3 – 9:40 (7:59)
Lap 4 – 9:21 (7:43)
Total: 4.84 miles in 38:08 (7:52 min/mile)

HR was in the 154-156 range (zone 2: extensive endurance) during laps 1-3, and then moved up to 162-165 when I picked up the pace during the last lap (zone 3: intensive endurance). It’s good that I can run a pretty consistent, comfortable pace with my HR around 155. I wasn’t able to do this a few months ago.

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