Yes, I made that word up. It’s what happens when an Engineer becomes a Triathlete. I have way too much “gear” on every time I go for a run. I decided to count the items that I wear every time I head out (excluding clothes and shoes):

1. RoadID strap on my ankle
2. Watch (for timing my run/laps)
3. Heart Rate chest strap
4. Heart Rate watch
5. XM Radio receiver (I have music stored on this, like an iPod)
6. XM Radio receiver arm strap
7. Ear buds
8. iPhone (so that I can use RunKeeper)
9. iPhone arm strap

This is entirely too much stuff, and I’m sure that I look ridiculous out running with equipment strapped all over my body…but I need all of it. I like all the data that I get after each run, so I’m not about to leave off any of these items on my next run.

60 minutes on the bike at the gym. I worked really hard all 60 minutes, making sure my HR never dropped below 140, keeping me in zones 3 & 4 most of the time. Jumped up to zone 5a & 5b during a 2 minute push at the end of the workout.

6.05 mile run – hills – in the cold (30F). I’ve run this route before, it’s almost all hills. It’s the beginning (and end) of my bike route when I leave from home. These hills are much easier on wheels! Did the 6.05 miles in 47:45 (7:53 min/mile pace).

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