A new kind of Intervals

Today is Tuesday, so of course I did some interval work this morning. My normal intervals are called repeats…same distance several times with breaks in between. I decided to mix it up again this week and did a kind of intervals called pyramids.

Pyramid intervals are defined as starting out with a short interval, then lengthening the distance of each consecutive interval until reaching a max distance, then going back through the intervals in reverse order until you get to the distance that you started with.

I always do intervals on a track so that I will have a more accurate measurement of the distances. The track at the gym is 0.0714 miles per lap (14 laps = 1 mile). Here’s what my intervals looked like:

1 mile warm-up at 7:45/mile pace
5 minutes of drills (butt-kickers, shuffles and grape-vines)
Intervals: – with 1 minute rest between each
3 laps (0.214 miles): 1:36
6 laps (0.428 miles): 3:09
9 laps (0.643 miles): 4:44
12 laps (0.857 miles): 6:23
9 laps: 4:39
6 laps: 3:12
3 laps: 1:29
1 mile cool-down
10 minutes of stretching

Total workout was 55 minutes.

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