Autumn has begun!

Autumn officially arrived at 5:18pm yesterday, so that makes today the first full days of fall! I’m really excited to welcome fall in this year. Summer will always hold a special place in my heart, but the heat and grass cutting keep it from getting the title of “Luke’s favorite Season”.

I like fall the best for several reasons. The weather, football, leaves turning and Halloween. I love fall for all these reasons, but also because I’m a runner. If you are a runner, I’m sure you will agree…Autumn is the perfect season. That early morning run in the crisp, cool air is the best. Get me out on the road early in the morning with a temperature around 45 degrees and the sun reflecting off of all the colorful foliage – I’ll run all days long!

Speaking of early morning runs…when does the freakin’ time change back? I hate running in the dark! This 7:30 sunrise just isn’t working for me!

45 minutes of weights (back, biceps, abs)
Swam 864 yards (0.49 miles) in 17:13 (35:04/mile pace)

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