Well…that was not fun

My post yesterday talked about how excited I was that we were officially starting Fall. Well, let me assure you, it didn’t feel like Fall this morning! When I got started around 6am, it was sprinkling rain and it felt like a sauna. Temperature was in the low 70’s, but the humidity had to be over 90%. It was the definition of “sticky”. My shirt and shorts were literally dripping with sweat by the time I finished. I contemplated doing my run on the treadmill, but after looking at the radar, I decided to take my chances and run outside. Plan was to run 8 laps of the road around the mall – yes, I’m getting bored with this too!

I was tired before I even ran my first step and knew early into the run that it was going to be a tough one. My legs started to get heavy after 2 laps. I was drenched in sweat and my shoes were wet after running through all the puddles. I kind of sound like a cry baby, huh?

I’ve run out of steam on my last few long morning runs, so I brought along a gel pack and popped it during lap 4. It didn’t help. In hindsight, my bigger problem was fluids. I drank some water before I started, but running almost 10 miles in the humidity without a drop of water is a recipe for disaster. I’ve put down close to 80 oz. of water since I got to work, and 5 hours after I finished running…I still haven’t peed! I guess I need to stick a water bottle along the route somewhere.

Here’s my slip times:
Lap 1 – 9:31 (7:51/mile)
Lap 2 – 9:53 (8:10)
Lap 3 – 9:54 (8:10)
Lap 4 – 10:23 (8:34)
Lap 5 – 10:20 (8:32)
Lap 6 – 10:31 (8:41)
Lap 7 – 10:37 (8:46)
Lap 8 – 10:17 (8:29)

Totals: 9.68 miles in 1:21:28 (8:24/mile pace)

Hopefully this isn’t a precursor to my race in 3-1/2 weeks. I only have two more long runs planned before then, let’s hope they work out better than this one did!

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