Dodging the puddles

Managed to get in a 4 mile run this morning in between rain storms. Went 4.0 miles in 30:23 (7:35/mile pace). Nice easy, recovery run, didn’t push it too hard.

Speaking of rain, if you run much, you’ve most likely been caught in the rain or had to run when it was raining. As you know, your shoes are the most important tool as a runner. So what do you do when your shoes get wet? I’ve heard lots of ideas as to how to dry them out, but I’ve found that taking the insole out, and stuffing them full of newspaper works best. The paper absorbs the moisture and you can just lay the insoles out do air dry. Whatever you do, don’t out your shoes in the dryer! The dryer is too hot and it will melt the glue on the sole and shrink the leather.

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