Medium run

Thursdays are typically reserved for a long run. To my surprise (and excitement), my training program only called for a 5-6 mile run today, which I’ll call a “medium” run. So I did 5 laps around the mall for a total distance of 6.05 miles.

Lap 1= 8:58 (7:24/mile pace)
Lap 2= 9:25 (7:46)
Lap 3= 9:38 (7:57)
Lap 4= 9:48 (8:05)
Lap 5= 9:33 (7:53)

Total time = 47:22 (7:49/mile pace)

As usual, I started out of the blocks too fast and my pace suffered as my distance increased. I need to work on holding back for the first few miles so that I have something left. Being able to do this will be crucial to a good half-marathon time on October 18th!

After my run, I did some stretching and actually spent some time on some leg exercises. I did some squats and reverse lunges with light weight and then a few sets on the abduction/adduction machines (the seated ones that works the inner and outer thighs). We’ll see how my legs feel in the next few days…it’s literally been months since I did any weighted leg exercises.

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