It’s April…

…and that means that it’s finally Triathlon season! I have a race on the calendar for each of the next five months and I’m more than ready to get this 2011 season underway. From now until the end of August is going to be crazy, but I’m excited to see what the season brings. Here are my scheduled races:

April 17th – Shelbyville Sprint Triathlon 
(400yd swim / 16 mile bike / 5K run)
May 14th – Headfirst Performance Triathlon 
(1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run)
June 5th – Tri-Fest Olympic Triathlon 
(1.5K swim / 40K bike / 10K run)
July 9th – Cardinal Triathlon 
(1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run)
August 28th – Ironman Louisville 
(2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run)

My first race is a Sprint Triathlon a week from this Sunday. I’ll preview this race sometime next week. While the race itself is short, it’s still a race. It’s been almost seven months since I did my last triathlon and to say that I’m anxious to compete again is an understatement.


You may have noticed a few changes to the blog. The biggest change is the background image. The new image is that of the entrance to Fourth Street Live! here in Louisville. This is significant because it’s also the location of the finish line for Ironman Louisville. When I see this on the evening of August 28th, it will be the culmination of months years of training and sacrifice…I can’t even begin to image how it’s going to feel!!

I also gave my blog a name. T1 is the transition from swim to bike. T2 is the transition from bike to run. T3 is not a term commonly used, but it’s the celebration/party that takes place once you’ve cross the finish line. I chose to call this blog “The Journey to T3” because all of my efforts are ultimately leading up to my goal of crossing the finish line in my races. Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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