Running in a Winter Wonderland

Even though a lot of the roads are still covered in snow and ice, I decided to head out on a early morning run today. Left the house around 6:40am and it was very peaceful. The snow kind of makes things quieter and there weren’t a whole lot of people out that early, so for the majority of my run, it was just me and mother nature…covered in snow…lit only by the light of the moon. Sounds nice, huh? It was!

I covered 9.39 miles in 1:17:39 (8:16 min/mile pace).The route was almost all hills, so this is a pretty good pace. My splits were obviously very dependant on how big the hills were…and how gingerly I had to run over some snowy patches, check it out:

Average heart rate was 154, max was 167. Good Zone 2 workout!
This was the last workout for week 1 of Base Phase 2.
Totals for the week:
SWIM – Plan (1:06 hours), Actual (1:05) – 1.8 miles
BIKE – Plan (5:45), Actual (5:50) – 106 miles
RUN – Plan (3:30), Actual (3:22) – 23.2 miles
TOTAL – Plan (10:21), Actual (10:17) – Close enough!
Next week’s plan bumps up to 12:15 hours…woo hoo!
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